Canthaxanthin Powder

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Canthaxanthin Powder

Canthaxanthin Powder

  • Form: Violet Red Powder
  • Production Method: Biological Fermentation
  • Specifications: Food Grade Canthaxanthin 10%; Feed Grade Canthaxanthin 10%
  • Packing: 1KG/Bag,  5KG/Bag,  25KG/Drum
  • Application: Food, Drink, Supplements, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10kg
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Product NameCanthaxanthin Powder
AppearanceViolet Red Powder
SpecificationCanthaxanthin 10%
GradeFood, Feed
Particle Size100% Pass 20 Mesh

Wholesale Canthaxanthin Powder

Specifications: Food Grade Canthaxanthin 10%; Feed Grade Canthaxanthin 10%

Canthaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid pigment made through biological fermentation. Canthaxanthin powder is violet red powder, insoluble in water and ethanol, soluble in chloroform, hardly soluble in vegetable oil. Canthaxanthin has antioxidant property and it is helpful for improving immunity and preventing skin injury from sunburn. Canthaxanthin can be used in feed to improve the color of chicken skins, egg yolks, salmon and trout; it can be used as food coloring agent; canthaxanthin powder can be also used in cosmetics, supplement and pharmaceuticals.

Certificate of Analysis

Loss on dryingUSP<731> Ph.Eur.2.2.32≤8.0%3.00%
Heavy metals(as Pb)GB5009.74≤0.001%<0.001%
Arsenic(as As)GB5009.76≤0.0003%<0.0003%
Particle size
Pass through sieve No.20USP<786> Ph.Eur.2.9.12100%100%
Pass through sieve No.40USP<786> Ph.Eur.2.9.12≥85%96%
Pass through sieve No.100USP<786> Ph.Eur.2.9.12≤15%3%
Microbial test
Aerobic bacteria countGB4789.2≤1000cfu/g<10cfu/g
Moulds and yeastsGB4789.15≤100cfu/g<10cfu/g
ColiformsGB4789.3<0.3 MPN/g<0.3MPN/g
*Staphylococcus aureusGB4789.10n.d./25gn.d.


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